Are You In Twitter?

Did anyone noticed here how popular to have a twitter account nowadays? In my own views, I created my twitter account many years ago and I just let it there and alive and tweeting posts from my sites. I just suddenly amazed that as of now I have 517 followers, and I am also following to almost 900 twitter users and tweeted for more than 3,000. Can you imagine the numbers? Well, it just show that if you have twitter you will keep updated around the globe and specially if you are working online, you will be prompted the latest events. Like for example i you want to know the updates for your websites PR then try to follow or check them on the link provided here

So twitter users let us enjoy the technology that brings us up to the latest news online. This is one of the easiest way to communicate too and let the people what you are into!

Megan Young Ms. World 2013

I am really having some problems accessing legal links for the Ms. World pageant this afternoon here. Got some links but not permitted to show here in my place. It is quite irritating that all my friends online were cheering on Ms. Philippines while me cannot do the same.

Megan Young from Philippines is the new 2013 Ms. World and as a Filipino it is our honor that Ms. World goes to Philippines finally. An adorable and simple Megan Young really did it very well. And now, I am very busy finding right videos from youtube about the pageant. I saw some glitch of interviews but not yet a full show. I hope can find tomorrow and would really love to watch it.

Congratulations Ms. Megan Young. You are such a beautiful one. Proud to be Pinoy!

Get rid of mosquitoes

I do really hate mosquitoes ever! I feel so irritated at once when mosquitoes are around. Mosquitoes bites are all annoying and some are very dangerous, they are bringing virus. So if possible I want to find best spray for all kinds of pest not only for those mosquitoes but for all just to make sure that I have one for them in-case.

There are lots of pest products online that I want to try on. The phantom bug spray is one recommended by a friend to me, so maybe have to check this one. Hope that this will work and that finally find the solution for this problem.

Back to work!

Done with my one week free from work and today time to get back to normal life routine to be like work and home all day long. Finally done with one night shift and 3 or 4 more to go for this week. Glad to see my co-workers again but if I have to choose I want more longer vacay, one week is not that enough but that is how to be. Will do more relaxation next time.

Had great time with our short vacation to Stockholm and thinking once more for our next tour. So for now, have to hit the sack am a bit sleepy after 8 hours of duty.

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