Travelling and Photography

If one is very lucky travelling and photography goes together. Travelling does not only mean long distance. It can also be the nearby cities or the next town to your place.

I have a friend who is always on the go and her camera is always in her bag or car. That also gave me the idea to bring my camera always when me and my family goes on vacationing. This allows me to take pictures of the things that I find unique and interesting. Especially in big cities, the big and tall skyscrapers fascinates me that I just love to walk around and take pictures and forget some errands. There are so many steel building canada that can also be seen in other parts of the world like in Hong Kong and Beijing and in Shanghai.

As of now, my friend have a big collection of photos taken from different places in the Philippines. One of her favourite photo is colourful building called Arlene Hotel in Olongapo City. If I will go home to the Philippines, I will try to visit that place.


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